About Me

April 3, 2011

“I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then I just ate.” — Julia Child

About Me

This is me, give or take a few years, and this blog is a chronicle of the food I make and the food I eat in a rather food-fanatic city in Upstate New York. I’m an ultra-fledgling cook with limited counter space who shows major love for comfort food and chocolate cake. I’m a sucker for apple salsa, pumpkin bread and grilled cheese sandwiches. I prefer tomatoes grown on my patio, Mom-and-Pop Italians restaurants and Saturday mornings spent at the farmer’s market. Also, if you really must know, I am a full-blown chai tea addict.

I live with my crafty, web-techy husband and a crazy black lab/boxer/pit bill/(who really knows) dog named Abby who loves car rides and sneaky rabbits and has this uncanny ability to wink for photos.

See what I mean?

winking abby

I’m learning about photography. That yelling fit you think you hear might be me, having a photo meltdown in the kitchen. Finally, I will usually include recipes, but not always.

Happy reading and feel free to reach me via the Contact Me page or find me on Twitter.

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